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Models / Macy Cartel

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Macy Cartel Updates

Mission: Hysterical! Pt 37: (Ticklish) Misery Loves Company!
Alexa J Toes , Lily Links
MARVEL COMICS PARODY: Hydra agent, Macy Cartel, and Russian spy, Natalya Solevich (from Vellicatrices Unlimited), find that they've been outmaneuvered by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Lily Links! While Macy and Natalya were engaged in a tickle fight (see last episode), Lily strolled in to claim Macy's prize!...

Tags: Barefoot Catfighting Cosplay Fantasy wrestling
Mission: Hysterical! Pt 36: Sole-Tickle Showdown!
Alexa J Toes , Macy Cartel
Hydra agent, Macy Cartel arrives at the Russian embassy, as per the info she tickled out of Eve (last episode), only to find the infamous Natalya Solevich (played by Alexa J.) has arrived first! She tries to intimidate the Russian redhead, but that only results in a brawl! Macy seems to come out...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Catfighting Cosplay
Mission: Hysterical! Pt 35: Ha-Ha-Ha-Hydra!
Macy Cartel , Raven Eve
S.H.I.E.L.D. asset, Eve (played by Raven Eve) is set to deliver a device containing vital data to an agent. However, Hydra agent Macy Cartel intercepts her and takes her captive! Macy suspects that Eve has the device, but doesn't know where she's hiding it. Hogtied and helpless, Eve stares down...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay Female domination
Feets of (Tickle) Fury! Pt 27: No! Not the Toes!
FTKL , Macy Cartel
After an attempt is made to take over his school, Sifu Phillips comes in, even though he's been injured in a training accident. A student from another school (Macy Cartel) soon enters and challenges him. Even while walking with a cane, Sifu Phillips manages to defeat her and tie her up! Sifu Phillips...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Foot Fetish Foot Tickling
Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt 86: Infiltrated and Interrogated!
Macy Cartel , Silvia Saige
Silvia Saige has infiltrated The Gate, passing herself off as a new trainee! She sneaks into Ian Fixx's office and tries to open his safe, however, Agent Macy Cartel catches her, red-handed! A fight ensues, but Silvia wins, and to make matter worse, Agent Slyyy comes in, just in time to be captured...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Catfighting
Office Tickle Catfight! Pt. 25: Laughing Lady Lawyers!
Macy Cartel , Slyyy
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: It's a toe-stomping, cunt-busting, nylon foot-tickling free-for-all as Macy Cartel and Slyyy star as rival lawyers! Slyyy suspects that Macy is stealing cases from her and she ruins one of Macy's business calls by tickling her feet while she's on the phone! After Macy hangs...

Tags: Catfighting Fantasy wrestling Female domination Female tickling female
Tickle Her, Not Me!
Macy Cartel , Nathalia
CANDID VIDEO! WELCOME NEW TICKLEE, NATHALIA! Macy and Nathalia are tied up side by side for a nice, relaxing candid foot-tickling! However, each would rather I just focus on tickling the other. That doesn't happen, but at least I can be momentarily distracted with one, while the other gets a break...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Candid Foot Fetish
Superheroine Tickle Takedown: Cat Got Your ... Toes?
Christina Carter , Macy Cartel
DC COMICS PARODY/CUSTOM VIDEO: Christina Carter joins us for the first time, and what better way to start than as one of our fave DC Comics femmes fatale ... CATWOMAN! Catwoman breaks into the Gotham City Museum's exhibit of the Egyptian tickle goddess, Nefertiki! She's looking for a priceless obsidian...

Tags: Amazons Big feet Bondage Cosplay

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