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Models / Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean

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Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 9"
Fun Fact:  Zoey, formerly Abella Dean was discovered by me on Instagram, in November of 2020. She quickly became a fan fave and is currently signed with Motley Models.
Shoe Size:  9

Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean Updates

Tickle Wars! Image set 1
Ama Rio , FTKL
Enjoy 45 images from "Tickle Wars, Ep. 1: Imperial Entanglements!", including the original promo pics, test shots and teasers!

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Male tickling female
Mission Hysterical: I Hate Being Tickled! Pt. 2
Misty Meaner , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
Sexy spy, Misty, has tricked rival agent Zoey into triggering a booby trap, after Zoey tickled info out of her! Now, Misty has not only beaten Zoey to the mission objective, but also captured Zoey as well! And though Misty doesn't need any info, she can get some foot-tickling payback on her hated rival!...

Tags: Ebony Female tickling female Foot Smothering Foot Tickling
Mission Hysterical: I Hate Being Tickled! Pt. 1
Misty Meaner , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
Sexy, rival spies, Zoey and Misty are after the same target ... the contents of a hidden safe! Misty gets there first, but Zoey is hot on her heels! When the two meet, a brawl ensues with Zoey tickling her way to victory over Misty. Realizing how ticklish Misty's feet are, Zoey sees this as the...

Tags: Ebony Female tickling female Foot Tickling Interrogation
Zoey's 1st Foot-Tickle!
Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
Super-hot Zoey Sinn has some seriously ticklish, size 9 feet!

Tags: Ebony Foot Tickling Male tickling female
Tickle Wars! Episode 6: Laughter From the Dark Side!
Riot Starter , Sydney Paige
THE SAGA CONTINUES! LUCASFILM/DISNEY PARODY: Persephone Darkbringer journeys to Geonosis to unravel the mystery of Darth Viscerous. Meanwhile, T'Bella, a Sith witch comes aboard the ship and makes an absolute nuisance of herself. She nearly blows Sera's cover and tries to micro manage Grey. She's...

Tags: Cosplay Ebony Foot Tickling Parody
Tickle Wars, Episode 7: Ticklish Sith Revelation!
Ama Rio , Amethyst Mars
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone Darkbringer's search to solve the mystery of Darth Viscerous takes her to Geonosis, where she meets Sith witch, Amethyst, at an abandoned Sith temple. Amethyst makes it very clear that she does not intend to assist her, and makes a show of it with her powers. However,...

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Interrogation
Toe-Tal Catastrophe! Pt 3: Abella's Prankster!
Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: Internationally famous model, Abella Dean, comes home after a long day or work. As she takes off her shoes, she discovers a surprise. A weirdo fan has left a strange note in her house! As she reads it, from out of nowhere, a small mallet whacks her bare toes! Abella hops around,...

Tags: Big feet Ebony Hopping on one foot Hotfoot
Tickle Wars! Episode Three: Revelations of Laughter!
Divina Charisma , Riot Starter
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone Darkbringer gives Grey a task to figure out whom on board the Tempest may be detrimental to their plans. Meanwhile, Rebel spy Sera Stormchaser hides aboard the ship scheming with her secret contact! As Grey gets to work on Persephone's list, Divina, an Imperial captain...

Tags: Big feet Comedy Cosplay Ebony

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