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Models / Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean

Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 9"
Fun Fact:  Zoey, formerly Abella Dean was discovered by me on Instagram, in November of 2020. She quickly became a fan fave and is currently signed with Motley Models.
Shoe Size:  9

Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean Updates

Tired, Aching Feet Relief with Zoey and Sydney
Sydney Paige , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
Sometimes the foot-tickling, toe-stomping and even the foot worship get to be a bit too much, and the feet need a break. Zoey and Sydney are perfect examples of this. After a night of dancing, on top of everything else, the ladies need some serious TLC for their aching feet, so they lay back on the sofa...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Ebony Foot Fetish
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 79: Olympia vs Black Belt Blondie!
Mia Hope , Nahla Feti
Black Belt Blondie recently lost to Nahla, and now faces an even tougher opponent ... Olympia! Worst yet, Olympia has conspired with Nahla to "keep the ref busy". Referee, Madison Swan, doesn't even make it to the ring because Nahla has waylay-ed her and locked her in the stocks for a toe-tally treacherous...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Nylon Tickle Therapy!
Honey , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: When Dr. Abella Dean and her assistant, Nurse Honey started using unethical means to treat patients, they never dreamed it would backfire on them. However, today a patient has escaped and strapped both of them into fiendish medical restraint, straitjacketed them and is now tickling...

Tags: Big feet Bondage Custom Video Ebony
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 75: Mismatch Mayhem!
Irene Silver , Mia Hope
TWE RETURNS! It looks like a serious mismatch is underway between Olympia and Komrade Killemov! The ebony Amazon absolutely clobbers the komrade and literally drags her around the ring! But, if nothing else the rowdy Russian has an unquenchable fighting spirit ... and a seriously stinky pair of boots,...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Driving Zoey Crazy
Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
Zoey Sinn can be very funny as a ticklee. When you REALLY get to her, she often has interesting ways of expressing it. She laughs, of course, but very often she tries to maintain a measure of dignity and when she can't her reactions range from barrages of profanity to sputtering to name-calling to...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Mission: Hysterical! Pt 58: Duel of Laughter!
Raven Rogue , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: Rival spies, Abella and Raven are after the same mission objective! When each arrives on the scene at the same time, each assumes the other knows something about it that the other doesn't. A brawl breaks out. Raven starts losing when Abella locks her in a scissor hold! Unable...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Bri and Zoey: The Claws of Justice!
Skull Candy Bri , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
We're wrapping up the day on our "Harley's Hilarious Pedicure Parlour" shoot and Bri hasn't been tickled at all on this particular day (It was a three-day shoot). Not only that, but Zoey wants a little revenge after having to endure being tickled by Bri's Catwoman gloves! Mind you, Bri may or may not...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Bondage Candid
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 69: Knuckles and Tickles!
Mia Hope , Onyx Kim
Tiger Lily, Olympia and Nurse Nite-Nite square off in a triple threat match! As expected, it's full of temporary alliances, betrayals and laugh out loud moments of hilarity. It's also full of flying fists, merciless beat downs and cruel foot and upperbody tickling! Tiger tickles Olympia, Nurse Nite-Nite...

Tags: Amazons Asians Barefoot Big feet


She is amazing in each characters and action fighting scene. Always fun to see and her nice soles tickled and her wiggling toes . Happy to see her as a regular model to your studio.thx
Thank you! She'll be very happy to hear that.
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