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Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep 194: Kryptonian Coochie-Coo!
Ama Rio , FTKL
DC/MARVEL PARODY! Ticklante is now the herald of Nordic goddess, Hela! As he struggles to accept his new role, Dark Supergirl visits him to try and get him to use his new position as an excuse to help her destroy Supergirl! Unfortunately, the sinister Kryptonian chooses her words poorly and a fight...

Tags: Amazons Big feet DC Comics Foot Tickling
Superheroine Tickle Takedown: Rogue Interrogates Moira!
Ama Rio , Slyyy
MARVEL COMICS PARODY/CUSTOM ORDER: Scientist Moria McTaggert is an expert in mutant research and has information that she refuses to share with the X-Men. Rogue takes it upon herself to get that info herself! She catches Moira unaware and subdues her, strapping her into the stocks. When Moira won't...

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot sniffing Foot Tickling
Tickle Wars! Image set 1
Ama Rio , FTKL
Enjoy 45 images from "Tickle Wars, Ep. 1: Imperial Entanglements!", including the original promo pics, test shots and teasers!

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Male tickling female
Legends of the Dark Plume! Halloween Special: Hysterical Hela!
Ama Rio , FTKL
MARVEL COMICS PARODY: Ama Rio stars as Hela, in the story that began in "From Russia With Laughs" finally comes full circle, as the unstoppable Norse goddess walks the earth, at last! The heroes have failed and she now carries the sword that was once broken into battle! The Ticklante is her target,...

Tags: Cosplay Foot Tickling Interrogation Laughing
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 8: Jungle Jane vs Stomperella!
Alexa J Toes , Ama Rio
Jungle Jane takes on newcomer, Stomperella, in a "Ref's Revenge" match! Referee, Dacey Harlot, is allowed to interfere and can even steal the match from both fighters, handing both of them a loss! And if she's successful in doing so, she gets to tickle both Jane and Stomperella! Now, not only do the...

Tags: Asians Fantasy wrestling Female domination Female tickling female
Tickle Wars, Episode 7: Ticklish Sith Revelation!
Ama Rio , Mars Monroe
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone Darkbringer's search to solve the mystery of Darth Viscerous takes her to Geonosis, where she meets Sith witch, Amethyst, at an abandoned Sith temple. Amethyst makes it very clear that she does not intend to assist her, and makes a show of it with her powers. However,...

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Interrogation
Tickle Wars! Episode One: Imperial Entanglements!
Ama Rio , Irene Silver
NEW SERIES! DISNEY/LUCASFILM PARODY: Our boldest, most ambitious project to date! Imperial grand vizier, Persephone Darkbringer (Abella Dean) is in charge of a special weapons project that will crush the Rebel Alliance, if completed. She is given command of the Tempest, an Imperial cruiser, along...

Tags: Bondage Comedy Cosplay Interrogation
Feets of (Tickle) Fury: Scrolling for Laughs!
Ama Rio , FTKL
Abella and Ama are martial arts rivals. Abella studies kung fu, while Ama studies karate. Tonight, both are at the Temple of the Dragon, seeking to steal a scroll of secret techniques! When they run into each other, a fight ensues! Abella takes advantage of the fact that Ama fights barefoot with...

Tags: Big feet Bondage Cosplay Ebony


I love Ama Rio, such beautiful feet, and I love her laugh!
Ama rio is one of the best. Sexy feet and genuinely ticklish
She truly is! Thanks! More of her to come!
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