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Models / Riot Starter

Riot Starter Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 8"
Fun Fact:  Riot has lots of off-camera talents. She's an illustrator, seamstress and set builder. She helped build our Star Wars parody set!
Shoe Size:  8.5 - 9

Riot Starter Updates

Tickle Wars, Episode 15: Captured By Persephone!
Riot Starter , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone Darkbringer has discovered that Sera Stormchaser is a Rebel spy. She captures Sera and interrogates her mercilessly to find out how much information about her project has been relayed to the Alliance. Persephone gives Sera the foot-tickling of a lifetime. Our brave...

Tags: Big feet Bondage Cosplay Feet
Tickle Wars, Episode 14: Siths and Soles!
Ashlynn Taylor , Riot Starter
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone returns to the Tempest, in the wake of the Death Star's destruction. The Emperor himself has orders for her in the wake of the Imperial defeat! Meanwhile, Grey's identity as Darth Viscerous is revealed to the Emperor and Sera Stormchaser have accidentally blown her cover...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay Female tickling female
Tickle Wars, Episode 13: Divided By Laughter!
Mandy Wolf , Riot Starter
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Sith assassin, Aurora Thunder (Mandy Wolf), captures a Rebel spy (Sushii Xhyvette) to learn where she's supposed to meet her contact.  When the feisty agent won't cooperate, Aurora locks her in the stocks and tickles her helpless bare feet, mercilessly! It isn't long before Aurora...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Bondage Female domination
Tickle Wars, Episode11: A Bounty of Laughter!
FTKL , Mia Hope
THE STAR WARS SAGA PARODY CONTINUES! Sera and Grey take two commandeered X-Wings to an abandoned Jedi temple on Dantooine, to meet with a Rebel spy contact. When they arrive, they find they've walked into a trap with Sith witch, Mia and bounty hunter Lyra Starfall waiting for them! A battle...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Bondage Cosplay
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment: Pt 81: Texas Tenderfoot vs Val-Hella!
Kat Van Wylder , Riot Starter
THE TWE RETURNS! INTRODUCING KAT VAN WYLDER! This time around, cruel cowgirl Texas Tenderfoot takes on new fighter, Val-Hella the Berserker! Val-Hella doesn't waste any time, giving Texas an Asgardian ass-whoopin'! Texas rallies and catches the viking maiden off guard with a relentless rib-tickling,...

Tags: Catfighting Cosplay Fantasy wrestling Female domination
Tickle Wars, Episode 10: Fading To Grey!
FTKL , Riot Starter
MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU AS OUR STAR WARS SAGA PARODY CONTINUES! Now an acting admiral aboard the Star Destroyer Tempest, Grey once again finds himself in the Imperial Navy.  The rank, the uniform and the very atmosphere of the ship compounds the feeling that the Dark Side is closing in on him. ...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Breaking the Boss: Riot's Kinky Secret!
Riot Starter , Sushii Xhyvette
Sushii's boss Riot is a bit a taskmaster AND a hypocrite. She berates Sushii for her work, sniping that Sushii must have "done it in her sleep" and then decides to take a snooze at her desk after kicking Sushii out. Sushii returns to ask a question and catches her bitchy boss snoring away! Not...

Tags: Big feet Bondage Female tickling female Foot Tickling
Tickle Wars, Episode 9: No Escape for the Traitor, This Time!
Ama Rio , FTKL
THE SAGA CONTINUES, IN THIS FTKLTICKLING.COM EXCLUSIVE SERIES! Lt. Suun and Lt. Savage capture escaped Imperial traitor, Theala! After the two lieutenants received such a merciless foot-tickling from Grey, they regret having accepted Theala's bribes and are eager to get some tickle revenge! ...

Tags: Bondage Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling

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