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Models / Karly Salinas

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Karly Salinas Updates

Mission: Hysterical! Feet Between Frenemies! Pt. 2
Karly Salinas , Sydney Paige
Looks like once again super spy, Karly Salinas has gotten the better of bitter rival, Sydney Paige! Now, she has Sydney strapped to the lounge chair, with the sexy blonde's helpless, nylon feet at her (lack of) mercy! The worst part is that there's absolutely zero information that Karly needs from...

Tags: Bondage Female domination Female tickling female Foot Fetish
Mission: Hysterical! Feet Between Frenemies! Pt. 1
Karly Salinas , Sydney Paige
Sexy spies, Karly and Sydney have a professional rivalry with each other ... and Karly always seems to get the better of Sydney. This time around, Sydney is looking for a briefcase full of top secret documents that Karly from an earlier mission that each had been assigned. Eager to one-up Karly,...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Female domination Female tickling female
Yoga Tickler Takedown!
Allison "The Real Heel" Jerry , Karly Salinas
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Karly Salinas is an undercover detective, investigating yoga instructor, Allison "The Real Heel" Jerry. Supposedly, Allison is robbing her clients, somehow. Karly works out with Allison and sure enough, Allison puts Karly in a meditative state, that allows her to hogtie her with...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Custom Video Female domination
Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 154: Lois Lane's Laughing Ordeal!
Karly Salinas
LEGENDS OF THE DARK PLUME RETURNS WITH A DCEU PARODY! Daily Planet ace reporter, Lois Lane (played by Karly Salinas), has uncovered the story of the now-abandoned Yin-Yang Kung Fu school, in Gotham! Supposedly, the school was, until a week ago, the keep for three mystic scrolls of great power! Now, it...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay DC Comics
Anything For A Raise! Pt 2: Corporate Tickle Sluts!
Ama Rio , Jasper Reed
Last time around, intern Lilac Sphinx was made to foot worship the company's board of directors (Karly Salinas, Jasper Reed and Ama Rio), to get a raise. But Lilac's exceptional foot worship skills relaxed her bosses so much that they end up napping. Now, Lilac can reveal her real plan! She still wants...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Female domination
Anything For A Raise! Pt 1: Six Worshiped Soles!
Ama Rio , Jasper Reed
Office geek girl, Lilac Sphinx would do anything to get a raise, and the company's bitchy board of directors, Karly Salinas, Jasper Reed and Ama Rio know it, too well. The three hateful harpies decide to take advantage of Lilac's zeal, by having her perform a sort of office initiation ritual ... by worshiping...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Female domination
Laughin' It Up with The Boss!
Jasper Reed , Karly Salinas
Bitchy boss lady, Jasper Reed, has just given employees Vicky Vixxx and Karly Salinas a disastrous performance review! The two are on thin ice with the company, according to Jasper and she has them fearing for their jobs before kicking them out of her office. Once Vicky and Karly are gone, Jasper...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Female domination Female tickling female
Karly's Tickle Karma!
Karly Salinas , Sativa Mist
Karly Salinas and Brit bad-ass, Sativa Mist have just wrapped on filming "Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 177". It was a fun shoot, but Karly got a little with the tickling, to the point that she often kept it up after the director called "Cut". Apparently, Karly has forgotten just how ticklish her own...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Candid Ebony


sam sammyy
will you ever post karlys homecoming, her feet were so cute in that one
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