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Models / Karly Salinas

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Karly Salinas Updates

Karly's Tickle Karma!
Karly Salinas , Sativa Mist
Karly Salinas and Brit bad-ass, Sativa Mist have just wrapped on filming "Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 177". It was a fun shoot, but Karly got a little with the tickling, to the point that she often kept it up after the director called "Cut". Apparently, Karly has forgotten just how ticklish her own...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Candid Ebony
Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 177: Ticklish Exclusive!
Karly Salinas , Sativa Mist
THIS IS A DC COMICS PARODY: Lois Lane (played by Karly Salinas) has been given a hot lead on a story, by none other than the infamous Slade Wilson! When the sexy journalist arrives on the scene at an abandoned holistic medical office, she finds a briefcase, containing an encrypted file! But before she...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Catfighting
Office Tickle Catfight: Casting Battle Coochie-Coo!
Alba Zevon , Karly Salinas
Karly and Alba are both being considered for film roles. One project involves the actress's feet being tickled. The other involves the actress's feet being subjected to slapstick pranks, like mouse traps, hotfoots and fake mallets. Both actresses prefer the slapstick project as neither can handle...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Catfighting Fantasy wrestling
Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 76: The Revenge of Dr. Babinski!
Devlin the Goliath , Goddess Kyaa
WELCOME GODDESS KYAA! Sexy and sinister Dr. Babinski (Goddess Kyaa) now has both agents, Karly Salinas and Devlin the Goliath strapped into the stocks! One barefoot, the other in nylons! The doctor is furious at both operatives, for daring to try taking her life's work from her, SO IT'S TICKLE TIME!...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 75: Captive Amazon Feet!
Devlin the Goliath , Goddess Kyaa
Sexy spy, Karly Salinas has managed to get the drop on competitor, Devlin the Goliath, and has her strapped into the stocks! Karly and Devlin are each after a secret serum, called the Babinski formula. The formula is said to make those who are administered it more ticklish! Fortunately, Karly won't...

Tags: Amazons Big feet Bondage Ebony
Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 55: Boss ... I Can Explain!
Karly Salinas , Sorceress Morgana
Detective Joe Jutsu returns home, to find his maid (Karly Salinas) and one of the local mob divas (Sorceress Morgana) plotting to rob him! Though, Karly wasn't willing to help Morgana frame him, she still has to answer for letting a crook in the house, to rob him! The scheming pair are strapped...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Foot Tickling
Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 54:Maid's Revenge!
Karly Salinas , Sorceress Morgana
The maid (Karly Salinas) has finally outwitted her crooked partner (Sorceress Morgana) and put her in the stocks for some tickle payback! Karly is fine with taking the boss' money, but not framing him for a crime and Morgana needs to learn to get with the program! Morgana begs as her shoes are removed...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Female domination
Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 53: The Maid Did It!
Karly Salinas , Sorceress Morgana
NEW TICKLEE! Welcome to Sorceress Morgana's first tickling video! Sexy maid, Karly Salinas has struck a deal with local crook, Morgana, to rob her boss' safe! However, when Morgana takes the scheme too far and tries to steal a piece of bondage furniture AND frame Karly's boss for a crime he didn't...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Catfighting

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