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Models / Irene Silver

Irene Silver Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 10"
Fun Fact:  Irene is an accomplished martial artist, producer and photographer!
Shoe Size:  8

Irene Silver Updates

Tickle Wars, Episode 17: May the Force Laugh with You!
Irene Silver , Kat Van Wylder
CONCLUSION TO OUR STAR WARS PARODY! In the wake of Persephone Darkbringer's ticklish de-feet, Darth Viscerous and Sera Stormchaser (Riot Starter) race against the Imperial Fleet to track down Raine C'Baoth (Irene Silver), who has stolen the Hermes, a TIE fighter equipped with a hyperdrive. They find...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Bondage Cosplay
Testing the New Stocks with Irene and Kat!
Irene Silver , Kat Van Wylder
CANDID VIDEO: We recently received some new mini-stocks from BadCat Furniture, in Europe. They are without a doubt the nicest, easiest-to-use (in multiple situations) stocks I've ever owned. And to prove it, we've got Irene Silver and Kat Van Wylder locked away in them to field test them. Soon,...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Candid Foot Fetish
Toe-Tal Catastrophe! Pt. 8: The Mouse That Laughed!
Irene Silver , Paula Diamonds
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Irene Silver is having trouble with a pesky mouse (played by Paula Diamonds). She sets traps all over the house and is confident that she's won. So confident she thinks she can take a victory snooze on the couch. Nope. The mouse sees Irene napping and moves the trap right...

Tags: Amazons Comedy Foot Agony Foot Tickling
Ticklish Mission Mishap: Dishing Out De-Feet! Pt. 1
Irene Silver , Paula Diamonds
Black market dealer, Willow, is being set up for a sting by Interpol agents, Irene and Paula. However, Willow is on to them and as soon as they try to take her in the sexy crook gives them the beating of a lifetime and ties them up! But capturing them isn't enough. Willow needs to know who they...

Tags: Asians Catfighting Female tickling female Foot Tickling
Tickle Parole! Pt. 1: Irene's Tickle Surprise!
FTKL , Irene Silver
Convicted criminal, Irene Silver, is the test subject for a new form of rehabilitation, to solve the overcrowded prison problem. She thinks it's going to be easy, but she's sorely mistaken. However, she doesn't realize just how wrong she is, til she's tied up and her boots are removed! The tough-as-nails...

Tags: Amazons Bondage Foot Tickling Interrogation
Superheroine Tickle Takedown: A Ticklish Cat-astrophe!
FTKL , Irene Silver
DC/MARVEL PARODY! INTRODUCING Ms. IRENE SILVER! Catwoman and Black Cat are both attempting to steal the fabled Jade Umbrella from the Temple of the Dragon! However, each is determined to make the other walk away empty-handed ... and with a few lumps! The two feline felons duke it out, only to be...

Tags: Cosplay DC Comics Foot Tickling Hopping on one foot
Tickle Wars! Image set 1
Ama Rio , FTKL
Enjoy 45 images from "Tickle Wars, Ep. 1: Imperial Entanglements!", including the original promo pics, test shots and teasers!

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Male tickling female
Laughing Lady Crooks: The Case of the Golden Skull!
FTKL , Irene Silver
EPIC LENGTH CLIP! Detective Joe Jutsu returns as two tough, sexy thieves rob the city's Museum of Art and History, taking a priceless gold skull in the process! The rough and tumble pair, Irene and Summer, outwit the police, make it to their hideout and rig the place with rat traps for any who dare...

Tags: Comedy Foot Fetish Foot Tickling Hopping on one foot


You should get Irene’s mom in on the fun 😏
That would be great. Her mom actually likes me, according to Irene!
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