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Nylons Are Worse: Alana's Pantyhosed Predicament!
Alana Cabello , Blondi
Alana has never been tickled in nylons before and unfortunately she's in the company of two other ladies who've had a fair share of tickling on this particular day. I kind of ease Alana into, knowing that Jasper Reed and Blondi are probably going let her have it with both barrels. Alana is surprised...

Tags: Amazons Bondage Candid Female domination
Massage Tickle Backfire!
Blondi , Jasper Reed
Jasper works in a corporate office for a shoe company. All employees are required to wear shoes at all times. Jasper gets caught with her shoes off and is called in for a reprimand by her supervisor, Blondi. Blondi chooses an unorthodox discipline for Jasper ... she makes Jasper rub her big, SIZE...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
The Mad Tickler: Stop Touching My Feet!
Blondi , Sativa Feti
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Sativa and Blondi are ready to retire for the night. They snore away peacefully in blissful slumber ... that is until the Mad Tickler sneaks in and sees their HUGE bare feet sticking out from under the covers! The sight of Sativa's size 12 feet and Blondi's size 14s are just...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Custom Video
Super-Sized Sole Tickle!
Blondi , FTKL
6' 6" Amazon, Blondi, is strapped down to the bench and tickled silly on her huge, SIZE 14 FEET! 'Nuff said! Want a custom feet-uring this ticklish giantess? Contact us!

Tags: Amazons Big feet Bondage Foot Fetish
Haters Get Tickled!
Ashlynn Taylor , Blondi
Blondi is raking in the money online with her sexy, size 14 feet! However, toe-tal haters, Ashlynn and Sushii are tired of her social media posts where she celebrates her wins. The spiteful pair decide to pay Blondi a visit to "teach her a lesson"! When they arrive, Blondi is snoozing but that doesn't...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Amazon Tickle Plaything Pt. 3: Blondi's Tickle Rampage!
Blondi , Willow Lansky
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER! Willow comes to serve Blondi some court papers, but once Blondi realizes that these papers are from her ex, she goes berserk! She throws Willow on the sofa and challenges Willow, then begins tickling her mercilessly! Willow is no match for Blondi's superior size and strength!...

Tags: Amazons Asians Barefoot Big feet
Toe-Tal Catastrophe! Pt. 7: Ticklish Burglar Brouhaha!
Blondi , FTKL
Rival burglars, Sunshine and Blondi, have accidentally hit the same house. Unable to compromise, the two decide to split the take and each search half the house. Sunshine berates Blondi for having noisy shoes, so Blondi removes her high heels. Big mistake as Blondi's big, size 14 feet happen to step...

Tags: Amazons Big feet Catfighting Comedy
Ticklish Mission Mishap: Russian Giantess Guffaws!
Blondi , FTKL
Blondi stars as a Russian agent who stands between Agent Fixx and a contact with whom he is assigned to meet! The 6' 6" giantess ambushes him and a fight breaks out. Blondi seems invincible ... that is until she squeezes Fixx in a scissor hold! With her big feet within his reach, he removes her shoes...

Tags: Amazons Big feet Bondage Foot Tickling

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