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Models / Alexa J Toes

Alexa J Toes Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 4"
Fun Fact:  Alexa enjoys tickling and being tickled, even though she's extremely ticklish!
Shoe Size:  7.5

Alexa and I began working together in early 2012. She became a quick fan fave, due to her non-fetish talents. She could fight, sing, act and fit her self into any scenario we needed. She's currently retired and will be missed. We wish her all the best!

Alexa J Toes Updates

AI Art Vol 22
Alexa J Toes , Honey
Gallery #22 feet-ures the further shenanigans of the Tickle Bandits. This time around they're hitting banks ... and even the police station! The authorities are powerless to stop them, as their own big, ticklish tootsies prove to be their own greatest downfall! Sexy lady cops laugh themselves...

Tags: Amazons Asians Barefoot Big feet
Six Sexy Soles! Pt. 3: Super-Ticklish Trio!
Alexa J Toes , Amazon Haze
CANDID VIDEO: Alexa J. Toes, Madame Amiee and Amazon Haze are all lined up, side by side, on the stock bench! Six, sexy soles squirm in anticipation, knowing that sooner or later, all of them will be wriggling and writhing in toe-tal tickle agony! No storyline or frills, just all-out foot-tickling hilarity,...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Desktop Tickling! Pt 2: Alexa's Revenge!
Alexa J Toes , Reagan Lush
Sexy spy, Reagan Lush had no idea that cute, little blonde hacker, Alexa, would have such a mean left! After foot-tickling Alexa silly, she unshackled one of Alexa's hands, so she could decrypt the files that Reagan was trying to steal. Next thing she knew ... POW! Nighty-nite! Soon, Reagan comes...

Tags: Barefoot Blondes Bondage Female domination
Desktop Tickling! Pt 1: Encrypted Laughter!
Alexa J Toes , Reagan Lush
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Alexa works as a tech at an intelligence agency. Just as she's finishing up encrypting some sensitive data files, evil Reagan Lush sneaks up on her! She's unable to stop Alexa from encrypting the files, but that turns out to be to Alexa's disadvantage! Soon, Alexa is tied...

Tags: Barefoot Blondes Bondage Custom Video
Lara Croft vs Ruby Roundhouse! Pt 3: Plumenatti Predicament!
Alexa J Toes , Reagan Lush
LARA CROFT/JUMANJI PARODY: Plumenatti agent, Alexa has entered the fray and very nearly got the best of both Lara Croft and Ruby Roundhouse! However, some quick thinking and the cursed scroll that Lara was carrying have put the sexy femme fatale at Lara and Ruby's mercy! Our two heroines deduce that...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay Female domination
Lara Croft vs Ruby Roundhouse! Pt 2: Laughing Lady Croft!
Alexa J Toes , Reagan Lush
LARA CROFT/JUMANJI PARODY: Last episode, Ruby tricked Lara with a booby trapped boot! Now, instead of getting a scroll, showing the way out of the chamber of the trickster god, Lara finds herself tied up on an altar, and Ruby wants revenge! She also thinks that Lara has the scroll, showing the way out....

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Cosplay
AI Art Vol 18
Alexa J Toes , Honey
Today at the gallery we have ... - A geisha tickle tortured by a local female warlord! - Two karate students being punished by their master for goofing off in class. One is forced to tickle her classmate's sweaty, stinky feet ... torture for both of them! - A female ninja tickles one of...

Tags: AI art Amazons Asians Barefoot
AI Art vol. 16
Alexa J Toes , Katana Kombat
OK, tickle fans! This week we have ... - One that needs no introduction. I'm admittedly not a huge fan of how often this scenario is re-created/re-imagined and copied in the tickle fetish scene, BUT I can't deny its mass appeal, so I would be remiss not to give it its due. - A sexy blonde corporate...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage


AJ King
Alexa J is an old actress. I like her ticklish nylon feet very much. I hope she can shoot more roles in nylon.
I think we'd all like to see her return. Not sure if she ever will, but she's always welcome and we wish her well in her current endeavors. She's probably the best of all time, for my studio.
Oh my god... all of these years I did not know that Miss Luminous and Alexa J were the same person!
Yep. :-)
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