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Models / Alexa J Toes

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Alexa J Toes Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 4"
Fun Fact:  Alexa enjoys tickling and being tickled, even though she's extremely ticklish!
Shoe Size:  7.5

Alexa and I began working together in early 2012. She became a quick fan fave, due to her non-fetish talents. She could fight, sing, act and fit her self into any scenario we needed. She's currently retired and will be missed. We wish her all the best!

Alexa J Toes Updates

Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 4: Jungle Jane vs Scarlett Plunder!
Alexa J Toes , Eden
Jungle Jane takes on newcomer Scarlett Plunder! It's a knock-down, drag-out, foot stomping, high-kicking fight to the finish, but which combatant will end up in the tickle penalty box by the end? And how will a backstage brawl between Texas Tenderfoot and new wrestler, Sensual Kay affect a future match?...

Tags: Fantasy wrestling Female domination Female tickling female Foot Tickling
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 7: Foot-Tickling Jewel Thief!
Alexa J Toes , Cassandra Cain
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Agent F. has a C. I. working for him, who is a Spanish lady mobster (Cassandra Cain). She's been given a briefcase full of jewels, to setup a trap for a target. However, Capt. Alexa Laffov of the New Order of Nevsky has intercepted Cassandra and stolen the briefcase! She gloats...

Tags: Female tickling female Foot Tickling Laughing Parody
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 8: Nocturnal Tickle Manuevers!
Alexa J Toes , Cassandra Cain
Alexa Laffov tracks down Spanish gangster, Cassandra Cain, to recover the jewels that she stole. She creeps into Cassandra's room, while Cassandra is in the bed, snoozing away. Thinking that the jewels may be hidden under Cassandra's feet, beneath the covers, Alexa takes a look. But, when she pulls...

Tags: Big feet Female tickling female Foot Tickling Latina
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 1: Keep Your Feet To Yourself!
Alexa J Toes , FTKL
Our story opens two years ago, when Ian Fixx, aka - Agent F is assigned to rescue an American dancer (Katana Kombat) who's being held captive by Alexa Laffov (Alexa J.) ,a disavowed Russian spy, working for a group neo-Soviet fanatics. Alexa has tickled her captive into dancing for her private dance...

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Interrogation
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 8: Jungle Jane vs Stomperella!
Alexa J Toes , Ama Rio
Jungle Jane takes on newcomer, Stomperella, in a "Ref's Revenge" match! Referee, Dacey Harlot, is allowed to interfere and can even steal the match from both fighters, handing both of them a loss! And if she's successful in doing so, she gets to tickle both Jane and Stomperella! Now, not only do the...

Tags: Asians Fantasy wrestling Female domination Female tickling female
Russian Agent Tickle Interrogation!
Alexa J Toes
Sexy Russian spy, Alexa is caught in her office and foot-tickle tortured for secret info. PRODUCTION NOTE: We considered this look for Alexa in "From Russia with Laughs", but went in another direction.

Tags: Cosplay Foot Tickling Interrogation Male tickling female
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 1: Jungle Jane vs Wanda the Warden!
Alexa J Toes , Dacey Harlot
Alexa J. Toes, Leila Larocco, Macy Cartel and Dacey Harlot star! Live from Tampa, FL, the first episode of Tickle Wrestling Entertainment airs! In this first match, Jungle Jane takes on Wanda the Warden! But, somehow the referee is missing! Meanwhile, backstage, we discover that referee, Dacey Harlot,...

Tags: Bondage Comedy Cosplay Fantasy wrestling
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 2: Rasputina, the Foot-Tormentor!
Alexa J Toes , Honey
As Ian Fixx prepares for his assignment in Russia, an American government operative, Honey, is already there, searching for Tatiana Molotov! Honey encounters Molotov's valet, Rasputina (Tiffany Brookes)! The raven-haired Amazon is far more formidable than anyone could imagine! She's even bulletproof!...

Tags: Big feet Bondage Cosplay Ebony

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