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Models / Riot Starter

Riot Starter Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 8"
Fun Fact:  Riot has lots of off-camera talents. She's an illustrator, seamstress and set builder. She helped build our Star Wars parody set!
Shoe Size:  8.5 - 9

Riot Starter Updates

Tickle Wars, Episode 17: May the Force Laugh with You!
Irene Silver , Kat Van Wylder
CONCLUSION TO OUR STAR WARS PARODY! In the wake of Persephone Darkbringer's ticklish de-feet, Darth Viscerous and Sera Stormchaser (Riot Starter) race against the Imperial Fleet to track down Raine C'Baoth (Irene Silver), who has stolen the Hermes, a TIE fighter equipped with a hyperdrive. They find...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Bondage Cosplay
Feets of (Tickle) Fury! Tae Kwon Toe: Mandy's Revenge!
Mandy Wolf , Riot Starter
Riot thinks she taught karate instructor Mandy Wolf a lesson, last time around, but it looks like Mandy's still got some fight left in her! She manages to K.O. Riot with a kick and put her in the stocks for an epic revenge tickling that has Riot howling and shrieking for mercy! Don't miss this...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Female tickling female
Feets of (Tickle) Fury: Tae Kwon Toe!
Mandy Wolf , Riot Starter
Mandy works at a gym as a karate teacher. Riot works as a personal trainer. The two butt heads when Riot catches Mandy moving her equipment to accommodate her class. Riot doesn't want Mandy touching her things and Mandy doesn't want Riot telling her what to do. Apparently, Riot's problem is that...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Catfighting Fantasy wrestling
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 24: Jungle Jane's Revenge!
Alexa J Toes , Jasper Reed
Last time around, Texas Tenderfoot and new fighter, Candi Brat tried to sabotage Jungle Jane and keep her out of the upcoming unsanctioned triple threat match! Jane's bare toes were repeatedly stomped and tickled as the dirty duo nearly beat her senseless! But, their attempt was unsuccessful! Jane...

Tags: Barefoot Cosplay Fantasy wrestling Female domination
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 23: Preliminary Plot! Jane's Tenderized Toes!
Alexa J Toes , Jasper Reed
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: New wrestler, Candi Brat, joins the TWE and is scheduled for a triple threat match against Jungle Jane and Texas Tenderfoot! New or not, the sassy redhead already has a scheme to improve her odds! She convinces Texas to "soften Jane up" before the match, by having her ambush...

Tags: Barefoot Catfighting Cosplay Fantasy wrestling
Tickle Wars, Episode 16: Persephone's Penalty!
Nahla Feti , Riot Starter
THE SAGA CONTINUES! This is the 2nd to last episode of this story arc. Persephone Darkbringer has finally overplayed her hand, and been captured by Grey and Sera! Our heroes know that the Darkbringer Project is nearly complete. They just need to know where Raine C'Baoth will hand off final component....

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Cosplay Ebony
Tickle Wars, Episode 15: Captured By Persephone!
Riot Starter , Zoey Sinn/Abella Dean
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone Darkbringer has discovered that Sera Stormchaser is a Rebel spy. She captures Sera and interrogates her mercilessly to find out how much information about her project has been relayed to the Alliance. Persephone gives Sera the foot-tickling of a lifetime. Our brave...

Tags: Big feet Bondage Cosplay Feet
Tickle Wars, Episode 14: Siths and Soles!
Ashlynn Taylor , Riot Starter
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Persephone returns to the Tempest, in the wake of the Death Star's destruction. The Emperor himself has orders for her in the wake of the Imperial defeat! Meanwhile, Grey's identity as Darth Viscerous is revealed to the Emperor and Sera Stormchaser have accidentally blown her cover...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay Female tickling female

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