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Superheroine Tickle Takedown! Lady Shiva's Laughing Demise!
Andi Page , FTKL
Black Cat (Andi Page) and Lady Shiva (Nicole Oring) have stolen one of Batman's experimental utility belts. In an unexpected move, Batman hires Slade Wilson (FTKL) to track down the thieving duo! But, there's a catch ... Slade has to leave his targets alive! When Lady Shiva hears of this clause in...

Tags: Asians Bondage Cosplay DC Comics
Left Foot, Right Foot: Izunia and Raven! Pt. 1
FTKL , Izunia
Raven Rogue and Izunia sit side by side with one foot each in the stocks. Hilarity ensues as I get both of them to lose a bit of their dignity, one last time! There was a time that implements didn't work on Izunia but those days are long gone and she's more ticklish than ever! Speaking of dignity,...

Tags: Bondage Candid Foot Tickling Laughing
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 4: Double (Tickle) Jeopardy!
Audrey Sugarsmack , FTKL
Dr. Audrey Matick (Audrey Sugarsmack) just can't catch a break, today! Not only does Rasputina (Tiffany Brookes) tickle info about the whereabouts of Tatiana Molotov out of her, but shortly after, Ian Fixx arrives demanding some of the same information! Unlike Rasputina, he doesn't torment her with...

Tags: Bondage Foot Fetish Foot Tickling Interrogation
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 5: The Talons of Rusalka!
FTKL , Kitty Catherine
The mission continues as Tatiana Molotov reveals that Ian Fixx's trip to Russia was all part of a trap! As Ian protects Dr. Kay (Kitty Catherine), he is ambushed by Rusalka (Vesper Luna), a Plumenatti agent, who serves as bodyguard to a ranking New Order of Nevsky member (Mistress Tempted). Rusalka...

Tags: Bondage Cosplay Foot Tickling Interrogation
From Russia With Laughs! Ep. 6: Rasputina Revealed!
FTKL , Kitty Catherine
Rusalka (Vesper Luna) and her New Order of Nevsky handler, Capt. T. (Mistress Tempted) have been captured and tied up, side by side, by Ian Fixx, after taking scientist, Dr. Kay (Kitty Catherine) prisoner. Dr. Kay is freed, so Fixx can concentrate on interrogating his government-disavowed detainees....

Tags: Bondage Cosplay Foot Tickling Interrogation
Tickle Wars, Episode 8: Imperial Discipline!
FTKL , Nicki Glamazon
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Grey interrogates Lt. Suun (Sunshine) about how Theala escaped from the detention level. As the sexy Imperial officer howls with laughter in a foot-flailing fit, she reveals that there may yet be a bigger (like seriously bigger) pair of feet to put to the proverbial fire! She gives...

Tags: Amazons Big feet Cosplay Foot Tickling
Tickle Wars! Image set 1
Ama Rio , FTKL
Enjoy 45 images from "Tickle Wars, Ep. 1: Imperial Entanglements!", including the original promo pics, test shots and teasers!

Tags: Cosplay Female tickling female Foot Tickling Male tickling female
Laughing Lady Crooks: The Case of the Golden Skull!
FTKL , Irene Silver
EPIC LENGTH CLIP! Detective Joe Jutsu returns as two tough, sexy thieves rob the city's Museum of Art and History, taking a priceless gold skull in the process! The rough and tumble pair, Irene and Summer, outwit the police, make it to their hideout and rig the place with rat traps for any who dare...

Tags: Comedy Foot Fetish Foot Tickling Hopping on one foot

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