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The Foot Genie! Pt. 2: My Wish is Your Command!
Mandy Wolf , Vika
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: Mandy finds an old lamp at a sale, and soon finds a genie in it. However, all her hopes for wishes are quickly dashed when the genie dismisses Mandy's desires in favor of her own! And what the genie desires is ... Mandy's feet! Her bare feet, to be specific. The bossy genie...

Tags: Barefoot Blondes Custom Video Female domination
The Foot Genie!
Mandy Wolf , Vika
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Vika has found a golden lamp at an estate sale! Could it be that this lamp contains a genie? As it happens ... yes! But it's nothing like what Vika expected. This genie doesn't grant wishes, and worse yet is fixated with Vika's big feet! The mischievous genie snaps her...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Cosplay Custom Video
The Foot (Tickling) Master!
Goddess Jess , Vika
This unexpectedly turned out to be a candid, instructional video of sorts. I was content with tickling Vika and visiting model, Goddess Jess, side by side, when I realized in the heat of the moment that I've never really used the "Shaolin Dragon Finger" (named by Kitty Quinn) on Vika's big, size 9.5...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Angry, But Toe-tally Ticklish! Pt. 2: Vika the Vellicatrix!
Goddess Jess , Vika
Goddess Jess is having trouble keeping her temper at work. So much so that her job has required that she go to therapy or be terminated. Jess' therapist Vika has a holistic method of treatment she thinks will work. Jess isn't so sure when she finds herself strapped to a table with her feet in a set...

Tags: Bondage Female domination Female tickling female Foot Fetish
Lick, Slap and Tickle!
Mandy Wolf , Vika
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: Mandy has Vika tied up and is demanding that the sexy, Russian Amazon lick her sweaty, bare foot. When Vika refuses, Mandy tickles her big, helpless feet mercilessly and Vika has no choice but to comply. Every time Vika tries to take a break from the foot worship, Mandy tickles...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Bastinado Big feet
Mission: Hysterical! Pt 40: Double Agent De-Feet!
Indica , Sablique Von Lux
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Vika is a Russian agent, planted inside an American agency. Fortunately, Agent Sablique and Agent Indica manage to subdue her, as she's handing classified info over to her contact! Vika finds herself in the stocks as her captors demand to know who her contact is. When Vika...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Post-Tournament Tickles: Chun-Li vs Cammy!
Onyx Kim , Vika
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO/STREET FIGHTER PARODY! Cammy decides to play a prank on rival Chun-Li, after a match. Chun-Li is expecting a massage, but she isn't expecting her Russian rival to sneak in and fondle her feet! Once she realizes what's going on, she K.O.s Cammy and has her tied to the bed!...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 30: Triple Threat Treachery!
Mia Hope , Reagan Lush
It's a triple threat match, pitting Valkyra, Sgt. Slyyy and Goodbye Nurse against each other! The action is fast and furious as Mia the ref often finds herself in the middle of three powerful fighters, who want nothing more than to beat and tickle each other into toe-tal submission! Valkyra takes...

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Comedy

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