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Sheena Wrestler Updates

Foot Comparison with Kandy and Sheena!
Kandy Legs , Sheena Wrestler
Sexy, muscle babes, Kandy Legs and Sheena Bathory show off their soles and toes! It's Kandy's big, size 9, long-toed feet in contrast to Sheena's small, size 7, cute, pudgy feet that she calls her "Hungarian sausages"!

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Candid Foot Fetish
Feather-Ticklish Tootsies: Kandy Legs!
Kandy Legs , Sheena Wrestler
Kandy Legs is big, buff and tough. She's also got some seriously ticklish, size 9 feet. Even feathers can get her howling in hysterics, as Sheena and I demonstrate. There's just something awesome about a tough, bad-ass woman who's godawful ticklish! Enjoy!

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Candid
Mission: Hysterical! Armed with Laughter!
Ama Rio , Kandy Legs
Agent Ama has to retrieve some stolen items from a safe, but she doesn't know the combination. However, there are supposed to be enemy agents on the site that do know it. One of them, Sheena, ambushes Ama and subdues her, so that she can retrieve the items herself, but a third agent, Kandy, intervenes....

Tags: Barefoot Big feet Bondage Catfighting
Nylons Are Worse: Sheena Bathory!
Sheena Wrestler
Sheena Bathory is another "tough, but super-ticklish" type of lady. She studies various martial arts, but as soon as you bring tickling into the mix, she just might be ready to tap out! She refers to her size 7 feet as her "Hungarian sausages" and is absolutely hilarious in person. Today, we tickled...

Tags: Bondage Candid Laughing Male tickling female
Girl with the Iron Feet! Prologue: Legacy of Laughter!
Ariel X , Sheena Wrestler
THE STORY BEGINS! 10 years ago, mystic martial artist known as Gold Dragon searches for an ornamental box containing information about a secret technique. But a pair of thieves, Tiger (Ariel X) and Sheena have stolen it! Gold Dragon catches up to Tiger for a kung fu showdown! After subduing the...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Catfighting Cosplay
The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt. 144: Ariel's Agony and Ecstasy!
Ariel X , Sheena Wrestler
Ariel X's feet are ticklish in very interesting ways. In some ways, the tickling is sheer agony, in other ways a toe-tal turn-on! The center of her sole is toe-tal torment, as are the tops of her feet. However, between and beneath her toes depends on what you're using. Fingernails drive her crazy,...

Tags: Barefoot Blondes Bondage Female tickling female
Superheroine Tickle Wrestling! Ep. 2: Tickled for a Tie!
Ariel X , Sheena Wrestler
After their tickle wrestling match ended in a draw, Black Canary and Sheena are bound side-by-side. Each of the heroines thinks that she was the victor and should get to tickle the other, but the rules are very clear on matches that end in a tie. BOTH competitors must be tickled together! Each...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay DC Comics
Superheroine Tickle Wrestling! Ep. 1: Black Canary vs. Sheena!
Ariel X , Sheena Wrestler
NEW SERIES! The TWE is now doing charity matches, feet-uring contests between superheroines! The first match pits Black Canary versus Sheen, Queen of the Jungle! It's martial arts prowess versus jungle savagery! Can Black Canary's street fighting skills keep Sheena away from her super-ticklish,...

Tags: Barefoot Catfighting Cosplay Fantasy wrestling

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