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Models / Jasper Reed

Jasper Reed Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 7"
Fun Fact:  You have to be very careful when touching Jasper's feet. They're so ticklish, she can't even sit still for a foot massage!
Shoe Size:  8

Jasper Reed Updates

Prison Of Laughter! Pt 1: Ticklish Police Brutality!
Jasper Reed , Lilac Sphinx
Legacy video. Models are retired. THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Tri-State Women's Correctional Facility is suspected of mistreating its inmates. Special investigator, Jasper Reed, goes undercover to get to the bottom of things. Disguised as an inmate, Jasper confirms suspicions that prisoners are strapped...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Bondage Cosplay
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 24: Jungle Jane's Revenge!
Alexa J Toes , Jasper Reed
Last time around, Texas Tenderfoot and new fighter, Candi Brat tried to sabotage Jungle Jane and keep her out of the upcoming unsanctioned triple threat match! Jane's bare toes were repeatedly stomped and tickled as the dirty duo nearly beat her senseless! But, their attempt was unsuccessful! Jane...

Tags: Barefoot Cosplay Fantasy wrestling Female domination
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 23: Preliminary Plot! Jane's Tenderized Toes!
Alexa J Toes , Jasper Reed
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: New wrestler, Candi Brat, joins the TWE and is scheduled for a triple threat match against Jungle Jane and Texas Tenderfoot! New or not, the sassy redhead already has a scheme to improve her odds! She convinces Texas to "soften Jane up" before the match, by having her ambush...

Tags: Barefoot Catfighting Cosplay Fantasy wrestling
Tickle Wars, Episode 12: Deep Cover De-Feet!
Jasper Reed , Mandy Wolf
THE SAGA CONTINUES! Deep cover Rebel Alliance operative, Sena Zane, poses as Imperial TIE fighter pilot, Lt. Jas.  She receives a coded message from Alliance vessel, Alderaan Two, regarding a hidden Rebel base.  However, the Star Destroyer Tempest lurks in the stars and Admiral Paige discovers...

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Cosplay Female domination
Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 57: Laughing Her Down to Size!
Goddess Mercy , Jasper Reed
BY SPECIAL REQUEST! Tonight, Candi Brat takes on Amazonian juggernaut, Antaea! It seems to be a mismatch of epic proportions, until it becomes clear that Candi has a plan. She has no intention of actually trying to fight the 6' 4" human steamroller, but instead break her down with stinky shoe smothers...

Tags: Amazons Big feet Bondage Comedy
Ticklish Mission Mishap: Lured to Laughter!
Angel the Goddess , Jasper Reed
Sexy spies, Willow and Angel have infiltrated the outpost headed by Agent Jasper! However, Willow and Angel are rivals and have each arrived at the same time. A fight ensues over who will take their mission objective, but too late they realize it's a setup courtesy of Jasper! Soon Jasper has both...

Tags: Asians Big feet Bondage Catfighting
Straitjacketed & Tickled: Jasper Reed!
Angel the Goddess , FTKL
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: New model, Angel the Goddess and FTKL take turns tickling Jasper's helpless, wildly-wriggling, bare feet while she's straitjacketed and strapped into the stocks!

Japser will be leaving the fetish industry soon, so if you want a custom with her, contact us now!

Tags: Barefoot Bondage Ebony Female tickling female

Nylons Are Worse! Pt. 21: Jasper Just Can't Take It!
FTKL , Jasper Reed
Jasper Reed is known for having a bit of a mean streak. However, she has a major weakness ... her feet are super-ticklish! And her ticklishness is magnified when wearing nylons! Jasper thrashes and bucks and laughs uncontrollably, in a sole-scrunching, toe-squirming fit, to the point that she's...

Tags: Bondage Foot Tickling Laughing Male tickling female


I really love Jasper Reed, she is extremely beautiful... I love her, I'm in love with her... Her feet are beautiful and perfect, I love them... I would like to see her wearing flip-flops...
Thank you! I'll pass your words along to her. Would you like to order a custom of her in flip-flops?
It is actually possible to order a jasper custom with flip flops.😍😍😍
Yes! Please email us at ftkl77@gmail.com Thanks!
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